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The Central Coast has its own dedicated luxury brand Auto Body Repair Shop

Volvo 00021055

For two decades, Harris + Adams Prestige has been a Volvo approved repairer.

Considering Volvo’s long history of innovation and exacting standards, this speaks volumes for the ability of Harris + Adams to consistently provide Volvo customers with the repair services they expect.

Harris + Adams Prestige use only …

* Genuine original Volvo Parts

* Volvo-approved tools equipment and procedures

* Celette and Car-o-liner repair bench systems approved by Volvo

* Volvo preferred Glasurit paints and spray booth technology

* Aluminium repair facility

Harris + Adams commit to:

* Volvo approved computerised auto diagnostics system

* Factory-approved ‘Volvo compatible’ facilities

* Regular liaison and upgraded training with Volvo technicians

* Regular liaison with Volvo regarding the latest repair and automotive innovations

* Restore accident damaged vehicles to original integrity

Harris + Adams Prestige also offer 24 hour accident assistance.

All our repair technicians carry Volvo recommended I-Car certification.

Harris + Adams: Prestige – right down to the smallest detail.