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The Central Coast has its own dedicated luxury brand Auto Body Repair Shop

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In Australia since 1953 – more than 60 years and still one of the world’s most awarded brands … possibly the most awarded car manufacturer on Earth.

Almost one million vehicles sold in Australia.

The Volkswagen logo is one of the most recognised in the world.

The most popular, reliable European car brand in every state and territory in Australia – including Antarctica. That’s right – VW was the first choice of passenger vehicle for Australian researchers on the frozen southern continent.

VW and its manufacturer sub-brands – Golf, Touareg, Passat, Jetta, Polo, Tiguan, Scirocco, Amarok – hold the unique distinction of having won at least one major international award, often many more, every year this century.

Precision automotive engineering like that deserves only the ultimate in repair engineering.

* VW approved diagnostic equipment

* VW approved auto body straightening jigs

* VW approved specialty tools

* VW preferred Glausrit paints, paint technology and spray techniques

* VW recommended technical short courses and repair protocols

* Aluminium repair facility

* Factory- trained repair technicians

Harris + Adams Prestige also offer 24 hour accident assistance.

Just as Volkwagen promised in their iconic 1960s advertising, so too Harris + Adams Prestige uniquely offers perfectionism in every VW collision repair.

Prestige – right down to the smallest details.

Harris + Adams Prestige – partnering with .au

Harris + Adams: Prestige – right down to the smallest detail.