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The Central Coast has its own dedicated luxury brand Auto Body Repair Shop

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Cutting edge high performance … it’s the automotive space that Porsche will always occupy.

So Harris + Adams Prestige commits to being there too, especially when working with the iconic Porsche brand.

The Porsche owner expects high performance – Harris + Adams Prestige promise to never disappoint.

As a high performance repairer, Harris + Adams will always:

* Use only genuine certified Porsche parts

* Use only Porsche preferred paints, jigs, diagnostic equipment and tools

* Aluminium repair facility

* Continually upgrade skills, equipment and knowledge through factory- training on Porsche-specific repair protocols

* Use only cutting-edge, Porsche-approved and preferred repair processes

Harris + Adams Prestige also offer 24 hour accident assistance.

Harris + Adams Prestige owners, technicians and workshop repairers regard it as a privilege to have literally decades of personal experience repairing all the legendary Porsche models.

There is no repairer who can give a higher assurance of quality repair and customer experience for the performance-driven Porsche owner, than Harris + Adams Prestige. We love Porsche, and we know you do too.

Our caste-iron commitment to you is to repair your Porsche in a way that reflects our shared passion for this pinnacle sport car brand.

Harris + Adams: Prestige – right down to the smallest detail.