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The Central Coast has its own dedicated luxury brand Auto Body Repair Shop

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Peugeot owners love their cars.

Harris + Adams Prestige understand that.

We understand that Peugeot isn’t just a vehicle – it’s part of the family.

So we treat your Peugeot like it’s a family member.

We approach your Peugeot collision repair with complete transparency.

We regularly invite our Peugeot partners to inspect our facilities.

We commit to continuously upgrading our protocols through extensive Peugeot factory training.

Harris + Adams Prestige want the Peugeot owner to have total peace of mind – without compromise.

So Harris + Adams commit to:

* genuine Peugeot part stock

* specialised Peugeot tools

* Aluminium repair facility

* Peugeot computerised auto diagnostics system

* Factory-approved ‘Peugeot compatible’ facilities

* Regular updating Peugeot with documentation regarding our reputation

* Restore accident damaged vehicles to original integrity

Harris + Adams Prestige also offer 24 hour accident assistance.

In short, we commit to meeting and exceeding all of Peugeot’s standards – what they call "correct fitment methods".

Peugeot are vitally interested in our customer-rating, so we encourage you to report back to Peugeot regarding our performance.

Harris + Adams Prestige partner with

www.peugeot .au

Harris + Adams: Prestige – right down to the smallest detail.