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The Central Coast has its own dedicated luxury brand Auto Body Repair Shop

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It’s an awesome combination – elegance, history, performance and pure style.

That’s the incredible piece of engineering that is your Jaguar.

Harris + Adams Prestige combine those same qualities.

In 40 years of serving the Central Coast drivers of luxury cars we have refined our customer service processes to streamline your experience with us. Added extras like a valet service, and plush welcoming reception, are just the start.

Importantly, our workshop area matches the cutting edge engineering you enjoy in your Jaguar.

Whatever model you drive, you can be sure that Harris + Adams Prestige has everything Jaguar require of a repairer:

Harris and Adams Prestige use only …

* Genuine original Jaguar Parts

* Jaguar -approved tools equipment and procedures

* Repair bench systems approved and recommended by Jaguar

* Jaguar -approved frames and chassis repair methods

* Glasurit paints and spray techniques recommended by Jaguar

* Aluminium repair facility

* Specialised Jaguar-approved metal repair protocols …

And many more specialised techniques and equipment specifically recommended by Jaguar to ensure the best possible result to any auto-body repair carried out on one of their vehicles.

Elegance, history, performance – it’s Jaguar.

It’s Harris + Adams Prestige.

Harris + Adams: Prestige – right down to the smallest detail.