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The Central Coast has its own dedicated luxury brand Auto Body Repair Shop

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Just the name evokes luxury, prestige. The pinnacle of motoring opulence.

Harris + Adams Prestige are the only auto-body repair workshop on the Central Coast with sufficient experience to competently look after your Bentley.

All factory-trained technicians.

State-of-the-art techniques and technology. Together with handcrafted excellence that is synonymous with the Bentley name.

Harris + Adams Prestige also bring a little extra to every Bentley repair; a genuine love for the distinctive automotive design that is Bentley.

Harris + Adams Prestige deliver every Bentley owner the utmost in customer-focussed service, including:

* 24 hour accident assistance

* original factory parts

* Bentley-approved tools equipment and procedures.

* Aluminium repair facility

* Celette Jigg Bench system approved by Bentley

* Premium quality Glasurit paints

* offer of a service loan vehicle

* plush customer lounge and comfortable waiting area

* valet service

From its very inception, Bentley has been ‘best in class.’

At Harris +Adams Prestige we commit to maintaining that standard. Prestige: right down to the smallest detail.

Harris + Adams: Prestige – right down to the smallest detail.